Psalm 139 | Psalm of Reflection

I am Fearfully and wonderfully made, THIS I know in my soul very well
Psalm 139:14
Do you need some reflection ?

PSALM 139 is all about the depth of God’s knowledge and presence in our lives

David the Psalmist often expressed his heart to GOD. In this Psalm he expresses his awe and wonder at God’s presence and magnificance especially when it comes down to us humans and aspect of our lives, the comfort of knowing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by HIM, and for HIM, for every good work, and plan. 

The Psalmist invites the readers to ponder upon the depth of God’s knowledge, beauty, and presence in our lives, it’s amazing to think how intimately he knows us, and how he created us so perfectly imperfect for his Glory, Purpose, and Plan. 

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My purpose to fly, and soar high, was strategically placed in me from the beginning of time, in my mother’s womb. Carefully woven together, designed to fit the blueprint of my life. 

What is my Identity? What makes me, ME? With billion people in the universe what can I, offer to the world? How can I, make a difference in the world, the world that is filled up with intelligent, and influential people, and how can I influence, and impact those around me? With specific character traits that were placed on the inside of me, Who am I, and What am I here for? What is my purpose, and am I fulfilling MY purpose here on this earth?!

 ” There must be more to life, than meets the eye” 

Theres more to life than bills, pleasure, fun, and going to church. What am I here for? I WAS CREATED FOR MORE!

This is when my FIRE ignited! A desire to pursue my calling was birthed. The desire on the inside, deep within, ignited to personal identity, and greater purpose. This Desire has been placed on the inside of me by the Creator himself. The Creator of the Universe, who thought that he needed one of me too, to do something worthwhile. The all knowing, all powerful, unlimited in power, and authority, RULER of the UNIVERSE thought that I was useful, and purposeful to him. Formed and fashioned a plan together in his hand, for a specific purpose, with specific calling. Pre-designed to fit my life, with a blueprint that fits my every curve, created for his greater good.

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