April 16, 2024

Anger- Undealt and undefeated

One of the biggest challenges I faced in my life, was controlling ANGER. It was something I could not get rid of, no matter how hard I tried. With anger, came bitterness, and with bitterness hate.

 undercover feelings AND emotions pent up inside of me, that silently ate me up inside.

I would project anger on those around me, without realizing the effect it had on them. I would lash out, and raise my voice, as a result I was hurting those around me, and causing issues to blow up in my face. It felt right at the time, I had every right to express how I felt.

What I was actually doing was projecting the hurt and pain that had not been dealt with correctly. I was ignorant, lacking sense and information, and today I want to share, and hope that it helps someone else.

I didn’t like feeling this way, I didn’t like how it affected those around me, and how I would deliberately hurt them. So when I realized I needed CHANGE, change opened it’s arms to welcome me in. 

I cried out to the LORD, and he heard me from his holy mountain. 

“Holy Spirit, I need your help, I know I have this problem, and it seems like I can’t get rid of it, HELP ME.” 

The first step to recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem! The first step to solving a problem is seeking for HELP, then having the right information, step into  ACTION, with the help of the Holy Spirit of-course.

I KNEW I had this problem, and this problem was deep. I couldn’t get rid of it, on my own. I needed HELP

 Kids, and certain conversations would tick me off, and I would have to face them HEAD ON!

I used to crumble, under pressure, but I learned to use the tools of patience, and self control to calm my demons.

Self control is restraining yourself  from what’s comfortable to doing that which is not comfortable,  by stretching beyond your comfort zone, and testing your limits.

Patience is waiting despite the circumstances, through unfavorable situations, enduring to the end.

Slowly I would work on my issues! Did I fail? Yes plenty of times, but I didn’t let that stop me or bother me, I continued to work on releasing my emotions in the correct way, by taking one step, one day at a time.

Don’t let sin, overtake you, but take control over your sin. Anger is a foothold of the devil, he uses our feelings to operate in our lives. We must control it, be patient, and work through our feelings. If you can’t control your temper, walking away, or taking a walk helps calm things down. 

You are not the only one, many people are dealing with these emotions, but we don’t have to stay in bondage to it.


God I need your help, I want to do good, but my struggles are overpowering me, and I am helpless against it. Holy spirit give me the power, strength, and might to overcome my temptations, and deal with my situations. Get to the root of my problem, root out unforgiveness and undealt emotions from my heart, and help me settle my issues.  There is nothing too big for you GOD. Help me to be patient with those who get me upset, and help me control my temper. I will not give a way to the devil. BUT Holy Spirit I cannot do this without you, I need your HELP. Be my guide, and my direction teach me your ways, in JESUS NAME, I pray, amen!

✨️ Have you been ignited encouraged inspired? ✨️ 

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