April 17, 2024

The Enemy

Who are my Enemies?

Before we rule out our enemies, let’s first get something straight.

Our enemies are actually people filled with spirit of disobedience and rebellion, that are send by the enemy to destroy us, take our peace, and leave us hurt and abandoned. While we are looking for a guy with a pitchfork, and red horns, the enemy actually masquerades behind vulnerable, and hurt people. It is people who cause us anguish, and despair, cost our sleep, and disturb our peace, but we are looking in the wrong places, and letting the enemy have a field trip with us.

Think of anyone you dislike, avoid, or rather not talk about, why do you dislike them, why don’t you want to be around them? Maybe because they bring out the worst out of you, they are being negative, or simply not pleasant to be around. That is WHAT I am talking about, that bitterness you feel/see is a spirit, that gossiping and critical person, is also a SPIRIT, that masquerades itself behind hurt individuals.

While we are getting mad at that co-worker, sister/brother, friend, let us remember who the real enemy is! The devil, and his puppets. They hate GOD, so they hate his creation, and his WONDERFUL creation is YOU, my dear! People that you think are against you, are just willing volunteers, hurt individuals and victims, the real enemy is the one who is pulling the strings. 

An excerpt from an upcoming book ” Purposefully Driven ” soon to be available for purchase. 

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