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This is a paid membership program, with results. Each week we will focus on a specific area, while consecrating ourselves to God (Giving up a certain desire, for spiritual gain)

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12 Seats Only for the Month of November! Do not delay!

Hey there,

I have an Exciting Announcement that I have been working on for Years 📢

I normally make this available to my groups, and my close connections, and I have been doing this for years. But after years of toiling, and putting effort in private, I believe it is my TIME to SHINE, and step out beyond the walls a little bit.

📢 This program is Faith-based

Jesus being fully God but also human often withdrew to a solidary place to consecrate himself to God. Monks, nuns, and religious clergy’s often consecrate themselves to higher power, and so many other religions follow. Jay Shetty, one of the most influential motivational speakers, a Hindu monk specifically dedicated himself for 3 years by going to India, leaving everything behind to focus on himself, his growth, and development, through examination, meditation and self awareness. He comes back more empowered, and powerful, impacting many lives around the globe.

📢 Consecration empowers us for greater Purpose and Plan!

Withdrawing yourself for the purpose of consecrating is not a bad thing, saying no to social gatherings for the purpose of consecrating oneself, is not a bad thing. It is much needed! In order to be available, as well as influential we must first find ourselves, by discovering who it is that we are, so that we can be useful to the world around us. We out give ourselves everyday, we fill ourselves with junk, we go out of our way to please others, and oftentimes run on empty, when it comes to our own growth and self development.

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.Luke 5:16
Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.Mark 1:5
He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.Psalm 91:1

A solitary place is often a lonely, deserted place, a place where it’s just you and God. In this place you can directly talk to God, separating yourself from the world. This is a place where you deny your earthly desires to be filled with spiritual benefits.

My journey started 6 years ago. I decided I was going to concecrate myself for the purpose of discovering my identity, finding my purpose, and stepping into destiny. Not only did I find out who I am, I also discovered my passion and pursuit for the things of God, as well as my Purpose to humankind. This is where I gave up my earthly desires, to gain spiritual clarity, focus and even direction for my life, and in return I received much more than I expected.

Jesus consecrated himself often, and as his followers, we should follow in example.
In Matthew 4 Jesus is SEND to the wilderness for spiritual consecration. He gives up food and water for 40 days. He goes through varies temptations, and in the end is rewarded with the presence of angels, as well as stepping into his ministry, and purpose as the Son of the living God.
I am not saying give up food for 40 days, or desert your family and friends, or even become a monk, every person has their own journey and purpose. What I am saying though, find time to concentrate yourself to God, and make this part of your lifestyle.
Sometimes we can’t do it on our own, and we need help. This is where I come in, I am a spiritual mentor who has gone through varies fires, and trials to be of assistance to those who need it. This is my passion and my pursuit. I will do everything in my power to HELP you succeed as well as assist you on your journey.
By signing up you are getting more than it’s worth. This offer is ONLY available to those who make steps FORWARD.
So what are you waiting for?

What's in it?

Community, Support, Mentorship, Accountability, Tools and Resources, and so much more.


People of like-mind and spirit who have joined the journey


Group discussions, challenges, exersizes to help aid growth and development in the areas of lack


Hands on tools and resources from my table to yours

📢 We will be going over important topics that hinder us in our growth development, and relationship with GOD

📢 We will fasting as well as consecrating ourselves to attain desired results.

📢 Challenges, exercises, to promote growth and development in the areas of lack. I am all about Discipline and Spiritual Development.

📢 Community of support is ready to join you on your journey.

and sooo much more!

Who am I?

Mom of two energetic girls, wife of 13 years, woman of many task, called to walk on a Journey of Purpose and Destiny. I used to own an ETSY SHOP, making frilly socks and hairbows for girls, and just as I was thriving, I developed an interest for Ministry, and to pursue God.

It took me five years to discover who I am, and who God called me to be. Once I discovered my Identity and Calling no one could stop my fire. I have walked in different assignments and have fulfilled the call, Now it's my time to Shine!!

I have a gift of helping people in the area of leadership, and planting study, prayer, or community groups! An Intercessor on POST! This comes so easy to me, and I don't mind helping aid, and develop those gifts within. Upon request you can also become part of those groups, my treat! ❤
I am a Leader: My Ministry and heart ❣ Firestarter-Ignite Kingdom Advancement I started with 3 people, in 2017 and today have mentored 100's on a personal touch, working close hand in hand, walking in the gift that God has made available to me.
When you join this group #IgniteMentorship you also become part of the community that have been my support system for years. These are people that I have personally poured into and who have been there with me from the START!
I teach Sunday School, at a local community RISE church, instilling the word of God into young hearts and minds. Sunday school has played such an important role in my life, and have influenced my life in so many ways. I absolutely love giving back and serving my community.
I lead a Bible Study Group Sword Study Delight where I passionately pursue my passion in sharing God's Word, equpting soilders for war. Many believers have neglected this area, and I intend to fill this area of lack.
Growing up I always saw the world in a positive light, no matter how dark it got. I always found something to appreciate as well as something to be grateful for. You will often see me Encouraging and Praying in my groups, and I will volunteer my time and energy to the one's I'm called to.
When I'm not busy in my groups, mothering, or taking care of my castle, I write and put together Devotions on my site, as a Resource to those I'm called to. I absolutely love sharing my heart and mind on things that matter to me!

Quality MADE, Community BASED, GREAT Resources!

Why NOT FREE?! This service is normally FREE

This is a Private Community, Quality Made, Great Content, Resources NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else!  It is available to those who desire to become part of it, for just $7.00 a month. A cup of coffee, or a meal!

 I have given my share of FREE to the world, and it’s Time to walk in my GIFT.

Here's What others are Saying!

This has been a long time DREAM of mine and finally it is here. I have mentored many people, so let these testimonies speak for themselves.

Greatly Appreciate your leadership!!
In tough times it was the only thing that got me through. Highly recommended! Lena is always there when you need her.
I learned to really understand scripture! Lena has been a blessing to me in my walk.
Saydar C
Member of Ignite Mentorship
Never the same spiritually! Known and have been mentored by Lena over 5 years now.


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