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APRIL 2020
by Lena joseph
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Wow, Monday again already! Time goes by quickly, especially during this tough period. We’re all trying hard to balance work and life, and find ways to stay calm and positive.

Before making choices, think carefully about them. By doing worthwhile things, you make good use of your time, energy and resources. Also, by choosing with care, you are responsible for your actions and what happens as a result.


We do what we need to do because we are in charge. We use what we have and make it work. We save money by being resourceful. We wake up early, pray, worship, cook and save money. We do whatever it takes to make things work!

We won’t let fear, intimidation, distraction, and confusion affect us. We are strong and determined to overcome them. We inspire and support each other to stay positive and remain unclouded. Even when things get tough or uncomfortable, we keep going and rise above it all.

The Proverbs 31 woman was good at managing her time and energy. She focused on things that were important to her, family, and God. She didn’t waste things and found ways to be productive.

This woman has many roles and qualities. She is skilled at sewing, runs her own business, and is a valuable member of her local government. Furthermore, she is a wonderful mother to her children, a great friend, and is able to balance multiple responsibilities, including working outside the home and managing household tasks. Overall, this message highlights the many ways in which this woman excels in various aspects of her life.

She stayed up late at night creating and designing. She worked hard to finish what she started. She held her sewing tools with her fingers while working together with her partner. She kept working until she finished what she needed to do. She planned ahead of time and was always prepared. This woman is inspiring and encourages me to do better in my life.

It’s important not to neglect what brings us comfort and support, whether that’s spending time with loved ones or something else. For me, spending time with God, my spouse, and my children is very important, and I will always make time for that, even if it means stretching my limits.

When things are crazy and hard to understand, we might feel mad and annoyed, or we can choose to be positive and calm. We can either complain or be happy with what we have and focus on the good things. By seeing the good in a situation, we can relax at home and enjoy what we have. So, be careful about how you spend your time and think before making choices. This way, you can make sure your choices match your values and lead to good outcomes in your personal and professional life. Making good choices and doing useful things are important for success and happiness.

I am studying and listening carefully to what the Bible says.

Spend time talking about important things with my babies, or doing something fun

Doing things well while staying busy and achieving results.

Today, take some time for yourself and be creative. Take it slow and don’t worry. Everything will be okay and things will return to normal eventually.

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