Hagar's Resilience in the Face of Adversity

But He knows the way that I take: when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.
Job 23:10
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El Roi means “The God who sees me.” Ro’iy in the original Hebrew can be translated as shepherd, or as seeing, looking, or gazing. In other words, when we feel most invisible and forgotten by everyone else, we can remember that God does see us. He witnesses our struggles and comes alongside us.


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Hagar, a non-Israelite, a woman with no power or status, is the first person in Scripture to be visited by an angel and the only person in Scripture to give God a name, El Roi, “the God who sees me.” In the midst of her pain and struggle, Hagar receives God’s blessing and promises.

In the midst of our storms of life, God will speak to the winds and waves, Peace be still! And they will obey Him.


Hagar’s encounter with an angel is a powerful example of divine intervention and guidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In the book of Genesis, Hagar Sarah’s slave, found herself in a difficult situation after becoming pregnant with Abraham’s child. Feeling mistreated, she fled into wilderness, but then the angel of the LORD appeared to her and provided comfort, assuring her that GOD had heard her cries and promising that her discendents would be numerous. It’s a beautiful reminder that even in our darkest moment we are not alone, and GOD is with us. –Lena Joseph 


Father in Jesus name, Thank You for the gift of today. Give us this day our daily bread. We pray with our families and friends praying this prayer, who’re in need of Your presence. We pray You encourage their hearts to know You are faithful. Lord, we ask you to strengthen their hearts, minds, and broken spirits. They may not understand Your ways, but Lord, help know Your heart and Your unconditional love for them. Remind them they are not alone. Give them the strength and courage to smile again, love again, and trust again. Encourage them to let go of the burdens they’ve been carrying and give themselves permission to surrender their hearts to You. Protect every child connected to us as they prepare to go to school or work today. Bless them to make good choices, grades and to be successful (Your definition of success). Deliver them from evil. Bless them to connect with men, women, and children of integrity. Touch and Heal our sick according to Your will. Show your mighty hand today. You’re a Miracle Worker and You are our light in the darkness of this world. There’s nothing impossible with You. Comfort and strengthen the bereaved. We’re sending up this special prayer for ourselves, our families and our friends. Bless us to be encouraged to know that You know, You see us, and You care about everything we’re concerned about. You are with us and will deliver us, You’re not constrained by time. Great is Your faithfulness! Amen

 “If God has given us a word, then why are we lingering for a sentence?! ”If God said it believe it!


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