April 17, 2024

Let GOD prune you


Let God Prune YOU

" Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."
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Matthew 7:19

Hey, did you know that trees need to be pruned to grow? Yup, just as they’re about to grow some new branches, a farmer comes along and trims them down. Crazy, right? But it’s all part of the process. By cutting off some of the growth, the tree’s able to make room for new and even bigger branches in the upcoming season. It’s kind of like getting a haircut – sometimes you have to trim off the ends to get the hair to grow stronger and healthier. Same thing with trees!


As a gardener, I’ve pruned a few plants before. Basically, pruning means cutting off dead or living parts of a plant to make it grow better. It’s just like how God prunes people too, like how he removes things from our lives that don’t help us grow. It might not feel great, though, because cutting back a tree means cutting off more than just a few branches.

Sometimes life can be a bit tough, like when a friend moves away, or you have a falling out with someone, or even when you have to leave a job. But you know what, it’s okay! It’s all part of growing and developing into the best version of you. God wants us to bear fruit and be happy, so sometimes he needs to cut off a few branches that are weighing us down.

Don’t worry if something changes or if things seem difficult right now, it’s all part of the journey. Stay positive and remember that new opportunities and friendships are just around the corner. And most importantly, trust that God has a plan for you and it’s all for your own good. So let go of any bitterness and anger, and allow yourself to grow and blossom into the amazing person you were meant to be.

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