April 17, 2024

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On a Journey

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
Rev 12:11

As human beings, we are all on a journey in life. Our ultimate destination is eternity, but we are travelers on this earth, passing through from one phase of life to the next. During this journey, we encounter various experiences that teach us valuable lessons, some of which can be shared to help others navigate through their own journeys.


As travelers on this earth, some of us have already gone through these experiences, we have gained valuable insights along the way and have had the privilege of walking through dark valleys to see the other side. It’s a great opportunity for us to share these experiences with others to help them navigate through their own journeys. After all, we all want to arrive at our destinations with a sense of fulfillment, and helping others get there can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. So let’s not hesitate to share our testimonies and help each other walk through the valleys, and reach our destinations together.

As a person who has experienced various journeys and interacted with many travelers, I understand the feeling of confusion that comes with not knowing what direction to take. I have personally been deceived, misguided, lost, and even derailed from my path. However, through it all, I found solace in the love and guidance of Jesus Christ who intervened in my life and transformed me.

Now, my mission is to lend a helping hand to anyone who finds themselves walking a similar path. My experience and newfound knowledge have equipped me with a unique understanding of the struggles that come with feeling lost and unable to find direction in life. I am here to be a support system and a source of inspiration to anyone who needs it. So, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to reach out to me for guidance and support. I am always here to help you find your way to a better, brighter future.

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We all have a story to tell. Something we have went through years ago, maybe a year ago, or maybe not so long ago. God has healed us, delivered us from the Egyptians, set us free from bondage of sin, now we are set free to tell others about it.

We are no longer captives, no longer slaves, victims, but are sons and daughters of God.


Your Story for his Glory! 

Your story isn’t for you to keep, it is a story of redemption, that will set others free, and get others out of their pit of darkness.

If they only knew! If they only heard. 

What you went through is not for you, but for someone else to follow through. What you went through, or exoerienced is someone else’s guideline to follow. Someone else needs you to step out, someone needs you to be courageous with your story. 

How can they hear, if you don’t speak about it? I make it my mission to tell others about what God has done for me.

I had a chance to talk to a lady today, a complete stranger, yet God divinely set up the connection. This was her first time stepping out in courage, this was her leap of step. Only she knew, and God what she was going through. Something inside tugged at me, to speak to her. She was going through battles in private, and God knew exactly how to minister to her. I allowed myself to be a willing vessel, and doors opened up for me to even pray with her.

God will divinely set up a place to get our attention, and to let us know through a complete stranger, that he sees what we are going through.

I encouraged, as well as spoke life over her throught the leading of the holy spirit. I felt to decree life over her. I felt to speak protection over her, for the enemy to back off, so God can finish what he stared in her. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and healing filled her spirit. The song also amplified what I spoken over her, a few minutes later.  

Satan tried to hold her back, But God has a plan, and his plan is marvelous.

This goes to show that God is aware, he sees, he hears and he knows about the pain we are going through.

And I also want to amplify!

What God started in you, he will finish to the end. This is the promise of God, this is the confidence we have.

Your Story is important to someone else. The details of your testimony are life to someone else. I couldn’t have spoken into this strangers life, if I myself did not go through battles. I can only speak because I know the pain, and hurt. I pray God comforts this complete stranger, and gives us grace to tell our story, no matter how small the details are.

I’d love to help you get started, I will even feature your Story on my site. 

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