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Where hearts ignite with purpose and vision for a higher Calling to pursue Destiny and step into Purpose. 

Welcome to my sacred SPACE 

Explore the intersection of faith and everyday life, 

and find inspiration to live with intention, compassion, and joy

A sacred space for spiritual exploration development and growth

Gather at TABLE of Delights, where a feast of inspiration, awaits! Savor the flavors of spiritual growth and transformation through BLOGS, Podcasts, Studies, Devotional Readings, Mentorship, and more . Our mission is to empower and guide individuals on their journey of self discovery, spiritual transformation, and purpose driven life, helping unlock full potential, to shine your individual light. 

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I aim to inspire hearts, igniting inner fires, to live a PURPOSE Driven Life. 

Lena Joseph

Writer & Blogger

As I embarked on this journey of faith, I felt compelled to share my experiences and insights with others. So, I created my corner – a cozy space where I share my thoughts, heart, and reflections on life's various matters. Join me at my table, where you'll find inspiration, delight, and encouragement to satisfy your soul. Expect honest devotions, personal stories, and reflections on faith, hope, and love. Come, let's grow together in faith and community!

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Podcast on the Move: Explore a wide range of inspiring topics and subjects, easily accessible through our integrated blog. Discover new insights, spark personal growth, and transform your life - anytime, anywhere!


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Ignite Mentorship exists to help individuals attain their greatest level of Success, through Group Mentorship, Empowerment, Community of Support, Coaching, and various Tools and Resources offered in the Group. Contact ignitementorship1@gmail.com for more info

Parenting & Thriving

Join our vibrant Community of Support & Encouragement, where you'll find inspiration, guidance, and connection with other likeminded people. Plus, engage in stimulating discussions on Hot Topics that matter and are inpirational to your journey as a Parent who's thriving to raise children. 

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