April 16, 2024

Read the instruction manual

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Read the instruction manual

A wise person will learn more from a warning than a fool will learn from a hundred lashings.
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Proverbs 17:10

The other day, my husband and I bought a cabinet from the store to keep his shoes in. We went to the store and saw the cabinet, liked it, and bought it. Thank you, IKEA!


It has been sitting in a box…

Today my husband decided to put it together. I am normally the one with an instruction manual, and he’s the one with the tools. Teamwork in our marriage just works!

We got the boards, the bolts, many different kind infact, tools, don’t forget the drill, ALWAYS because screw driver, just isn’t doing it’s job, and we were ready to get to the FINISH line!

The first 5 steps seemed easy and self explanatory. We followed the manual to a tee, and it seemed the whole cabinet was coming together pretty fast.

Then we got to the putting drawers into the cabinet part, no matter what we did the cabinets would not fit in. Comment if you ever had this issue!

How frustrating!

We literally spend over 45 minutes trying to figure out the part that wasn’t working, NOTHING was working! I was about to throw in the towel, but my husband was still holding on. Thanks baby! ❤ what a Champ!

You know what they say, when everything fails, try Youtube, so we did!

So we looked up the product, and a few videos showed up, we were going to watch it, then see what the issue with our product was.

It seems as if everything looked good. Why wasn’t it fitting into a place? Why couldn’t we fit the drawers into the cabinet?

We were lost, and confused, holding up the INSTRUCTION manual in our hand!

And then we saw it! The bolts we were trying to fit, did not belong in that spot. Thanks YOUTUBE! YOU are a Lifesaver! The instructions were simple, but assumption took over, we were trying to fit what did not belong, because it looked like it belonged in that spot, when in reality it did not!

Assumptions are dangerous, half the time they are not, what others perceive them to be. So much misunderstanding happens because assumption takes over, without actually talking things over!

I told my husband I’m going to have a field trip tommorow, writing about our moment, and here I am 😁

We got the instructions, the bolts, the tools, but ASSUMED one important step, the wrong bolt, for the wrong spot!

We tried to do everything in our power to fit it, when it simply was not meant to fit. How many times we try to fit things where they simply do not belong? If it doesn’t flow, let it go!

So that’s the moral of the story, Do not try to fit wrong things, where they do not belong, but instead take out the manual and double check the instructions, because chances are,

You missed a Step!

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And if you’re wondering, did we Finish putting together the cabinet

Yes, with a smile on our face, once we found our error!


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