April 16, 2024

Do not conform

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Do not conform

Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
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James 4:4

I was driving home alone after a fun time at my friend’s house. I like to drive in silence or with calm music. Out of nowhere, I heard a noise.

Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
bible, church, wedding-2110439.jpg
James 4:4

I was just leaving my friends house, we had a good time, our kids had a good time, we played at the park, talked, enjoyed each others company.


“Lord”, my guard went up, “I didn’t party, or drink, or was being promiscuous, I left that life, I wasn’t doing anything bad.”  

But did you gossip? Did you stand by when someone was falsely accused, did you say anything, or did you just watch?

I didn’t want to cause trouble! I didn’t participate, I was just listening…

I then saw an image, a vision of my friend, in a party atmosphere, dancing, holding a red cup, and to my surprise, I saw myself next to her, helping her drink her cup!

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What I learned NEXT was not just eye opening, but a moment that changed the intire trajectory of my lifestyle AND even the way I look at friendships, and EVEN MORE at my close friendships.

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The party atmosphere represents the world, it’s customs, traditions it’s values. Especially in these days, where things are backwards, and good things are evil. 

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. 

Non-believers live like there is no tomorrow, believers on the other hand, have biblical standards, and morals to stand by.

Just think about the phrase, “YOLO” You only live once”! Let’s party, have a good time, we only have one life to live. Don’t be so uptight, live a little, party, drink and be merry. 

The fact that I was there, tells me that I am a participant in my friend’s life, which is true! We interconnect and forge a friendship, and with time, make lasting memories. 

It surprised me to see that I was the accomplice in this picture. I was helping her drink poison. When she was gossiping, and slandering, she was slowly killing her spirit man. Because I didn’t say anything, it caused her to think I was OK with it, while I was just silent.

Now lets take a closer look at our frienships. When our friends or friend is gossiping, do we just stand by nodding and agreeing, to what they are saying? OR are we stepping in to be the LIGHT of the world? When couples are arguing, and you are in the midst, simply standing by, are you not an accomplice, to their crime? This relationship was toxic for me, and I knew it. I listened, I nodded, I agreed, when certain conversations would arise. I didn’t speak my truth, nor did I intervene. 


Deep down inside I knew that, but also deep down inside I did not want to accept this truth!

I liked the company of people who were like the world. You could lie a little bit, you can gossip a little, and laugh a little, and the world will laugh with you, Christians are so uptight, and religious, and have to make a spiritual point, EVERYTIME! 

-an excerpt from my upcoming book Purposefully Driven available SOON on site and beyond. 

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