April 17, 2024

When you are in the Lion’s Den


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by Lena joseph
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If your church was shut down and you were forbidden to worship, would you still continue to worship your God despite the difficulties? Would you still pray and honor God three times a day?


Daniel did, and they threw him into the lions Den, where it was just him, and the hungry lions. Would you take the chances? Knowing hungry lions are out to get you, rip you apart into pieces?

The lions are the accusers, and spiritual liars. Sometimes they are your own people, and other times they are your jealous competitors, your intimidators. Ones who are threatened by your relationship with God, and who are jealous of your favor with God.

Accourding to Matthew 5:25 When spiritual authorities report you to their king, and you are found guilty. The MASTER KING has no other choice but to allow you to go through the challenges, or even be thrown into prison.

When you are FACED with the voices of your fears, your doubts, your past, voices of condemnation, slanderers, your accusers, the hungry lions, you are in the LIONS DEN.

Where it’s just you, your enemy, and YOUR FAITH! NO one else to rescue you, but your God.

When you are thrown into the lions Den, the enemy lies are magnified, and accusations are louder, fear is all around you, and you are in full control of your enemy.

Would you still be confident enough to pray to your God?

Would you still be brave and courageous enough to press through the challenges?

Daniels are prayer warriors, who pray continually, day and night, to their God. They put their trust in God, they honor and worship their God. Daniels are those who constantly get accused, and are talked about. They have the favor of God on their lives, his protection, his direction, and others are threatened by it.

The Daniels of this generation, you must pass through the TEST, and be thrown into the lions den.

Where the voices of your past are magnified, where condemnation, and accusation gets louder, where fear grips your very soul, where you are in a den, with no one else around you…


DANIEL STAND STRONG and put your confidence in the Lord. The lions will not touch you, infact GOD himself will SHUT the mouth of a lion, you will be protected, and shielded from all harm…



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